Inclusive Employment

ADAPT’s Skill Development Centre (SDC) and Work Training Unit (WTU) are now focusing on inclusive employment. Founded on the mainstreaming principles of the International Labour Organization (ILO), ADAPT conducts research to survey the needs of companies, and then does selective training and selective placement in collaboration with the companies, leading to inclusive employment.

ADAPT provides specific training to promote a disabled person’s ability, match it with the needs of a company and also provide support to the company.

Dr. Alur’s vision has always looked beyond manual and semi-skilled options to jobs and careers that would ignite our students’ potential and help them contribute meaningfully, occupying decision-making positions and processes in every organization.

Along with specific vocational skills, trainees are also educated in communication skills, functional literacy, work ethics and discipline.

The SDC team makes a determined effort to place every candidate in an appropriate job, through placement within ADAPT, self-employment, open competitive employment, supported employment or through job fairs that bring disabled candidates and potential employers together.

ADAPT explores every possible option to give a person with disability the opportunity to learn, to be challenged, to work towards his or her individual goals and become a contributing member of society.

If you wish to employ trained disabled manpower in your organisation please write to us