Volunteering and Internships

Come help us make an impact !

ADAPT has always been a place of transformational action.

Neither visitor nor staff who has been through the highly emotional yet immensely rewarding experience this organisation offers, has remained unchanged. Since years now, in line with our Founder Chairperson's vision and the mandate given to us, ADAPT has focused on inclusion. This principle has guided not just our services in education, but in fact, has been applied in all areas of our work. Those we include in our efforts to make inclusion a tangible reality across the globe; those who give of themselves, asking little in return, save a chance to serve the cause of the greater good.

Our volunteers are a critical part of the organisation's structure and we are truly grateful to have them with us.


ADAPT transforms – not only its students, but every person who visits or volunteers with us. With our vision of inclusion embracing all, we consider every volunteer a critical part of our organization. We welcome any effort, for any period of time, appreciating that volunteers ask little in return but a chance to serve the cause of the greater good.

We are grateful that over the years, there are many who have given generously of their time and effort, helping us grow into the organization we are today.

From teaching, training and playing with our students, to helping out in the garden, to celebrating special occasions with us, we invite everyone who would like to reach out – child, youth or senior citizen – to volunteer with ADAPT. We assure them of a heart-warming, rewarding experience that will change their perspective, perhaps forever.

Should you wish to volunteer please send an email adapt.library@gmail.com


ADAPT’S Internship Program is designed to offer young volunteers career- enhancing opportunities.

Selected interns are placed in a department whose goals and tasks are aligned with their specific focus areas, for a period ranging from one to three months. Interns from law universities have been placed within the legal wing of the ADAPT Rights Group, others have been placed with our in-house counselor, or assisted with our library work, while some international students have worked in educational services.

Periodic debriefing sessions with the designated mentor and the Internship Coordinator, help to track the performance of the interns and their contribution to organizational growth. All interns are provided with a WiFi-enabled workstation and are assigned a mentor within their chosen department.On successfully completing the program, interns are awarded a certificate and/or a letter of experience.

Intern at Adapt

If you're interested we're always looking for the brave and the kind. Email us at adapt.library@gmail.com to learn more about our programs !