Knowledge Centre

The Knowledge Management Centre, an ADAPT Oracle Project, was conceptualized by Dr. Mithu Alur with Mr. K. Harish. Its purpose was to use the knowledge gleaned over forty years and the experiences gained through the up scaling of the first model she set up, to create digitalization of content which is easy to understand, accessible and interactive. India is a large country and it is difficult for teachers from far flung corners of the country to attend courses and workshops due to the time, distance and cost involved. The Government of India’s Right to Education Act, makes it mandatory for teachers at all levels to learn about disabilities and inclusive studies.

Digitizing the material available and imparting it online will impact the six million teachers that are trained by the National Council for Teacher Education.
The centre will be used to convert specific courses into audio-visual content with animation and illustrations to add to clarity and aid demonstration. Sub-titles and voice- overs will also help to increase the reach of the content all over India and even worldwide. Digital content maybe disseminated on-line or made available through discs to institutions (like a village school) where internet connection may not be available. Other than teachers, special educators, policy makers and anyone interested in disability as a field of study can benefit from the material. The Indian experience can also be shared with other countries interested in setting up the inclusion model and also help to further the research on disability.

Work on the Knowledge Management Centre was begun with the compilation of best practices that have been implemented at the various centres of ADAPT and by digitizing the resource materials, papers and documents available at ADAPT.


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