Parents in Partnership

We believe one of the biggest contributions ADAPT has made is involving and empowering parents in the care of their disabled child. We have always considered parents our primary patients, giving them understanding, a patient hearing and support as they cope with the shock of having a child with disability, and the life-long challenge it brings.



First we gain a thorough understanding of the parents’ socio-economic level and family dynamics. Then, a multi-disciplinary team designs a home programme of therapeutic and educational activities, explaining the rationale behind each activity to the parents. An in-depth understanding of the programme gives the parents confidence and belief in the activities, and empowers them to help in their child’s development, even involving other family members in the process – in effect, transforming them into resource people.


We offer parents training through workshops and the Parents’ Action Forum, so that they can be an active part of the multi-disciplinary team treating their child. Further, we encourage parents to acquire professional training and qualifications as teachers and therapists – initiating a process that leads to them heading centres on their own. Over time, many who came to ADAPT as distraught parents, have grown into highly professional career people, taking leadership roles within ADAPT and outside. ADAPT’s parents have been particularly effective ambassadors for the idea of inclusive education, becoming a critical resource in the successful growth and sustainability of this vision.