Training & Capacity Building

When ADAPT set up with a special education school in India special education teachers were hard to find. The training available then was in short-term programmes, the national education bodies did not even feature special education in their curriculum, and even in the national institutes for the handicapped, cerebral palsy was not included.

ADAPT began the first postgraduate diploma course in special education, with a curriculum developed in collaboration with specialists from the U.K. Over 40 years, a range of courses, short-term programmes and other initiatives have significantly boosted the numbers of trained professionals in special education, preparing them to meet the physical, educational, social and emotional needs of people with disability.

The digitization of ADAPT’s library services and resources has been a big step forward to making ADAPT’s work and training available to users across the world. Recognizing the need to build capacity and train people at all levels within the community, we developed a community model for Dharavi, notorious as Asia’s largest slum. Over 30 years, thousands of children who were off the grid of governmental education, health and nutrition programmes, have received education, nutritional supplements and treatment. Specialists have modified their training programmes to reach out and build capacity within Dharavi itself, making our centres there self-sustaining and encouraging inclusion.