Treatment & Rehabilitation

With over 40 years dedicated to the treatment and rehabilitation of a person with disability, ADAPT today offers a structured approach and proven expertise.

For bewildered parents of children with disability, life used to be a dark, confusing nightmare. Ignorant about their child’s needs, and clueless about how to cope with a life vastly different from what they had imagined, they received no counselling or practical guidance even from doctors or therapists. Involving and empowering parents in the care and therapy of a disabled child was unheard of, as the child was reduced to a case discussed only between doctors and experts.

ADAPT changed the paradigm. First by viewing and treating parents as the most important members of the team looking after the child. And secondly, by introducing a unique, transdisciplinary approach that became a hallmark of the organization. Services like physiotherapy, occupational and speech therapy, counselling and remedial education were integrated under one roof, breaking the divide between education and therapy.



The child’s needs are identified based on examination and diagnosis, and an individualized treatment plan is created, in close collaboration with parents. Assessment includes offering the parents, too, our care and attention, understanding their family dynamics and involving all members of the family in the plan.


Early detection is critical, and ADAPT’s professionals have been trained in a variety of evaluation techniques by pioneering international neurologists and therapists.


This poses the most serious challenge to a person with cerebral palsy, as it leads to social isolation, emotional solitude and a crippling of the intellect and personality. Devices, visuals and symbols and oral motor exercises are deployed to bridge the communication gap and build the child’s confidence in social interaction.


Psychosocial aspects: Along with inclusive education, social independence and functional abilities are key areas of focus for ADAPT. Through courses and workshops, we ensure that therapists across the country are updated with the latest strategies for promoting self-reliance within the disabled. A continuous partnership with parents keeps their motivation high, and creates an atmosphere of trust and comfort between parents, child and ADAPT.


ADAPT’s approach to awareness and training in cerebral palsy encompasses lectures, workshops, the circulation of leaflets and individual demonstrations. A well-equipped library makes training equipment, aids, toys and books – many of which are not available in the market – accessible to families who cannot afford them. Besides, ADAPT also conducts training programmes for teachers from regular schools, equipping them to pursue our vision of inclusive education.


After intensive research and collaborations with engineers and technical institutes from across the country, ADAPT set up an Aids and Appliances department to provide low-cost indigenous aids and appliances. Transport is also provided, as it is impossible for physically disabled people to be carried in public transportation, and this could be a prohibitive factor for the disabled to receive treatment.


Starting with therapy as fun and play, our rehabilitation measures for children focus on inspiring the interest and motivation of the child, leading to whole-hearted co-operation. Every individualized rehabilitation programme aims to strike a balance between the medical, therapeutic, social and educational needs of the child.