Success Stories

Our students have done us proud

In academics, sports and literature, in corporate circles and professional domains, our students have done us proud. We celebrate their success, as they in turn give tribute to the forces behind their triumph.

Toshaan Chatterjee

A member of the ADAPT family since he was just 18 months old, Toshaan says “MithuMaasi made me take to computers as early as Std. II”. Graduating with a first division from St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai, Toshaan is now employed with Reliance Metro and has recently received ‘The Bhamla Foundation Award’ for his achievements.

Nilesh Singit

I joined this school, because the school in my neighbourhood didn’t take me. Once in school, I realized that this school was different as all children here had a disability. School was fun. As I grew up and interacted with children of my age group I realized that I had learnt much more than they had in their schools. My teachers had definitely done something better than theirs.

Jasmina Khanna

I am a proud ex-student of ADAPT. Education has played an important role in my life. I graduated from St. Xavier's college, Bombay and did my M.A. from Mumbai University. After graduation, I was determined that I wanted to be financially independent. I learnt software development. With a lot of struggle I got a few data entry jobs, and worked as a freelance writer. It is now more than 7 and a half years that I am working in my current company. Every accomplishment starts with a decision to try. Perseverance and hard work can get you what you want to be - just prove yourself and opportunities will follow you.

Ruma Kirtikar

One of ADAPT’s first students, Ruma later completed a correspondence course in Library Science and worked as an Assistant Librarian in our Library and Media Resources Department. In the words of Ruma: “The day I met Mithu Mashi and Malini was the turning point in my life. The SSC Examination was an important event in my life as I was tested with able bodied students and came out with flying colours. College life put me in contact with a bigger world. Travelling independently by trains and buses were barriers I broke, something I had never dreamt about earlier. All this would not have been possible without the support of all my teachers and particularly Mrs. Alur. She showered support, special care and love on me at the right time and this has enriched my life and made it meaningful.”

Vipasha Mehta

Vipasha is one of ADAPT’s first students. She was also one of the first students with cerebral palsy from India, to have completed her Ph.D. Vipasha’s thesis was on Foucault and Derrida and was titled ‘Self: A Study through Concepts of Idealistic and Marxist Philosophy’. Currently, Vipasha is a resident of California.

Malini Chib

Ms. MaliniChib, Trustee and Honorary Secretary, ADAPT, Founder Chairperson, ADAPT Rights Group (ARG) Malini has a Double Masters in Women’s Studies from the Institute of Education, London and in Information Management from the London Metropolitan University. From service delivery to rights, Malini came back from her studies in the U.K. and started the ADAPT Rights Group (ARG), a unique inclusive group that brought together persons with and without disability battling for their rights.  She moved the Society’s service delivery mould from charity to rights and formed the ADAPT Rights Group (ARG) which addresses issues of accessibility, equal opportunity and participation. Malini’sidentity is that of an author who expresses an inner world with graceful candidness. Malini’s debut autobiographical work, ‘One Little Finger’ has contributed tremendously to awareness about disability and also fetched her the National Award as a role model for persons with disability Malini believes in collaborations and linkages with corporate universities and other groups and has expanded the database of the ARG. Malini’s greatest contribution has been the sharing of herself…of having the courage to put out in the public domain her sorrows, her thoughts…of constantly reminding everyone that persons with disability need to be a part of them not apart from them…of reiterating all the time that our motto was ‘Nothing About the Disabled Without the Disabled’. Today, Malini is working with Tata Consultancy Service (TCS) London and has been the inspiration behind the film, ‘Margarita with a Straw’, which has won international and national acclaim, directed by her cousin Shonali Bose, with her friend Kalki playing the main part. She received the CNN, IBN National Award for her contribution to the Nation and the National Award for her Book ‘One Little Finger’ by the President of India in January 2010

Drashti Bhatt

Cerebral palsy could not stop Drashti from passing the S.S.C. exam from ADAPT with flying colours, and then graduating in political science from K.J. Somaiya College. Pursuing her dream of becoming an advocate, Drashti went on to get her LL.B. degree from Government Law College. Today she is a full-fledged lawyer, a trained classical singer and an inspiration to many.

Anup Chandran

A paraplegic after an accident changed his life, Anup took to calipers and a wheelchair to pursue his dreams. He acquired a B.M.S. degree in Finance, a Diploma in Commodity Markets, and expertise in stocks and computers through additional courses at the Bombay Stock Exchange and NIIT. Naturally, Anup was quickly recruited and placed in the Finance Department of Standard Chartered Bank. Travelling to work in his own modified vehicle, Anup is well on the way to even higher achievements.