Some kind words

For me, a visit to this location is akin to a rebirth. I did not expect, before coming here, that I’d be able to do so much good for the disabled community through our association with ADAPT. I’m impressed by the certified team I’ve met who are working under the leadership of Dr. Mithu Alur, and we will do our best to take forward our association into the coming years. All the best!

ZakirMola, Chief Manager, CSR, HPCL

It is an amazing and inspiring school and the library is fantastic. The teachers, assistants and pupils are all passionate about the school and learning.

Peter Clough

Keep up the good work and it is so pleasing to see inclusive education … the spirit of teachers and volunteers.

Mr.Subramaniam, Axis Bank

It is a joy and an inspiration to be here. May it be a source of joy and inspiration to a lot more children, parents, teachers and institutions in India and the world

Mr. Vijay Poddar, Aurobindo Ashram

Always a learning experience. What I see here makes me smile for a long time. Way to go ADAPT!

NageshKukunoor, Well known Film – Maker

It was a nice experience being with the children and interacting with them. The teaching methods are commendable. All the best for the future. Keep up the good work.

B.Sc. Nursing Students during Observations

Your work is an inspiration for the promotion and observance of human rights for all

Theodore S. Orlin Utica Bollegelitica, New York

An extremely cheerful place! The library is great, and this is a Centre where one would look forward to coming and learning.

Mr.Rajarshi Bhattacharya, Secretary, Education, Ministry of HRD, New Delhi

We are Lisa and Elien from Belgium. We study at the University of Ghent. During the first and third year of our bachelors, we got the opportunity to do our internship abroad. We were both very interested in Indian culture and in inclusive education. So ADAPT was immediately our first choice.”Inclusion in the way we experienced it in ADAPT is a big example for schools and organizations in Belgium and for us as well. We are inspired by it!

Elien De Rycke& Lisa Van Mel Kebeke, Volunteers from Belgium

Working here has immensely enriched my life, it’s now that I know what it means to live carefree like a child enjoying every moment, see a smile on a child’s face, to receive and give pure and unconditional love and acceptance extended from your own periphery to everyone around you … terms that I had always heard but seldom experienced. I leave from here with a widened horizon and a deeper heart, learning that life is not only about living, but also helping to live …..

Heena Sharma, psychologist, formerly with ADAPT

I have had a pleasant experience working with ADAPT. The environment is very friendly. It’s wonderful to see children get along and work with each other so well. It is one place where there is so much excitement. Here I learn to enjoy the joy in little things which I tend to miss out in the rush of the world outside. The freedom to work enables me to explore new possibilities and methods with the children.

ShahzeenPoonawala, an intern trainee conducting Art Based Therapy as a part of Research Project from WCCL (World Centre of Creative Learning)

There is so much to learn at your centre! This was my first visit to your institute, and I will certainly be back again. Together, we can achieve a lot. I hope you will take me along with you in your journey!

Mr. S. Mukherjee, Director, Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vatsu Sangrahalaya, Mumbai

During my time working with disabled students at your fine institute, my life has changed dramatically. As a privileged boy living in a world where God has graced me with health, I have come to the realisation that I have received a gift much deeper than education. In a world where people, including myself, tend to take ordinary things for granted such as food, health, education, etc. I have realized that one must be thankful for all that they have. As a result of working with kids diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy, Autism and Quadriplegia I have truly been moved. It touched me to see that people in India ‘lend a helping hand to one another’ as a sign read on one of your walls. I am honoured to have participated in an organization where people dedicate themselves to helping and educating those in need. I have developed strong bonds with each and every one of the children in the class. I grew attached to them. I will never forget these children that I have come to know and love. To think that with all the obstacles in their path, they still strive to succeed. It broke my heart and brought tears to my eyes to leave them.

Tristan S Kaufman, USA, Volunteer at ADAPT Colaba

What an inspirational place to visit. It is wonderful what you have achieved here. Best wishes.

Jill Beckingham

Initially I was quite apprehensive about doing this as I had never really worked with little kids in such an environment before. But I wanted to do this as I believed it would be a unique experience and it has been much more than that. It has been wonderful, interesting, fulfilling, absorbing and rewarding. I have learnt so much and I’m very grateful to have been given this opportunity. This has, without a doubt, been the best thing I have ever done during the summer and I will definitely be back next term, not just as a part of my compulsory social service but every summer as a volunteer as well. I have learnt to stop cribbing about small things and accept everything with a smile. The students come from very poor families, yet they are full of love, mischief and innocence. The teachers are so patient, hard – working and affectionate. My experience at ADAPT has opened my eyes, my mind and my soul.

RadhikaVishvesh, First Year Student, St. Xavier’s College, Volunteer at ADAPT Colaba

A fantastic insight into the work in the organization. Such warmth and hospitality and looks of happy faces make to be bade.

Jack Moses (Roehampton University)

In the beginning it was very difficult for me to interact with the children because of the language barrier. But the longer I was here, I learnt the language more and the children started to accept me. The teachers work with so much love and compassion. I have learnt many techniques of teaching in fun ways which I will use in my school at Antwerp. I will surely miss all this and never forget my internship with ADAPT!

Laure Gabriel, College Student, Hoge School Gent, Belgium – Intern at ADAPT

This was my first experience working with children with disabilities. I’m not a teacher but every day, I started to understand and communicate with the children a bit more. I even learnt some words in Hindi! This internship taught me a lot – how to communicate with children and colleagues. I also learnt a lot about myself. Now I believe more than ever than I can work with children.

Ellen Gevaert, College Student, Hoge School Gent, Belgium – Intern at ADAPT

My name is Isabella Onslow. I come from England and am working as a volunteer in the Bandra centre for 3 months. I arrived here in January, and since then have learned and experienced a huge variety of things that I never thought I would end up doing! My job involves teaching a group of the students a variety of songs which are all in English and providing an accompaniment on either the piano or guitar. From teaching this group I have learned patience. And optimism, which I have discovered, is also hugely important; if one goes into a lesson thinking that what you are about to try and do is impossible then nothing will ever happen;…. If, however, one goes into a lesson with the attitude that anything is achievable, then you are not only able to teach with more enthusiasm and energy, but are also able to tell your students convincingly that they can do it. I have learnt that the attitude with which you approach something is more important than the task itself. Working at ADAPT has completely changed my perception of disabled people. Now thanks to ADAPT I have come to see that they are just the same as anybody else; just because someone may not be able to walk or talk doesn’t mean that one can’t have the same expectations of them as one would of any other person. In fact, as I observed while I was at ADAPT, the achievements of people with disabilities are often much higher than those of an able person.

Isabella Onslow, International Volunteer

My son HarshaPatil has been at ADAT for 3 years. He has shown tremendous progress, has calmed down and become more social. Being with friends has helped him a lot. Even on holidays he cries to go to school. We are grateful to Dr. Alur and all the teachers. I have accepted my son and his limitations and I just hope society accepts him too.

NileshPatil – Father of Harsh Patil, Std. I, ADAPT Colaba

Life is sometimes filed with hardships, But rainy and cloudy days, too, are followed by sunshine. That’s when you appreciate the dauntless spirit of flowers of the field, All mothers of special children will probably agree with these beautiful lines as we all sail in the same boat. My son Yash was on the Glenn Domans Program for the achievement of human potential. The program required Yash to be at home and hence school was not possible, but after two years of rigorous training I, as a mother felt the need to send Yash to school. Yash used to look forward to meeting his friends and teachers and always talked about them. Though there was no formal education at this point of time, there was immense satisfaction that my child was a part of such a wonderful organization…As a parent I am very grateful and thankful to ADAPT for accepting my child as part of their organisation.

Ms. Jaya Chandurkar, is the mother of YashChandurkar

Very impressive! Inclusion is no more a dream! Thanks for allowing me to visit your Centre.

Mrs.Promila Kaul, Dehradun

An amazing resource – run by some very dedicated and creative people.A great benefit to the community (both in India & worldwide). Thank you.

Anita Devi, U.K.

My son Kshitji has been attending the Home Management Programme since August 2010. His confidence level as well as self – esteem has gone up tremendously. His academic skills have sharpened and over the last six months his attention span has also improved. He has learnt to focus well and picked up a lot of vocabulary. His eagerness to go to and sit in the classroom, post his one to one session, really amazes me at times.

Mrs.SharmistaDebnath (Kshitij’s Mother), Colaba

I’m very grateful to ADAPT for formulating visit program at this centre. It’s very inspirational and we can gain lots of information and ensure the right sort of exposure for our adult students at the Ngoenga School. Best wishes!

Mr. Karma, Director, Ngoenga School, Dehradun (U.K.)

During my time working with disabled students at your fine institute, my life has changed dramatically. It touched me to see that people in India “lend a helping hand to one another” as a sign read on one of your walls. I am honored to have participated in an organization where people dedicate themselves to helping and educating those in need. I have developed strong bonds with each and every one of the children in the class. I grew attached to them. I will never forget these children that I have come to know and love.

Tristan S. Kaufman from New York

Excellent collection for use of all who need. Keep it up.

Ashish Kumar, Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment

A wonderful experience to see inclusion in its purest form. I leave here with a true sense of well – being.

Bhisham Mirchandani, Intern – CSR, HPCL

You all are doing such a great job of helping the needy. Keep it up!

Youdon Aukat Sang, Tibetan Member of Parliament

Very, very impressive … what more can I say? It’s a resource centre without parallel in our country.

Shyam Benegal, Renowned film – maker and former Member of Parliament (RajyaSabha)

My experience at ADAPT has been an unforgettable one. Although most people would groan to wake up an hour early; to the students of B. D. Somani International School, this hour is one of the most exciting hours from which we have learnt not only to reflect on the world, but also ourselves. We have had this great opportunity to interact with a bunch of smart, striving and confident students. Despite their disabilities, the children are so genuine and driven; they have such an optimistic outlook on life.

Ayesha Khandelwal, B.D. Somani International School, Grade XII

First I would like to tell you how I have become a volunteer at the ADAPT school. One day I came to school to meet Mrs.ManjuChatterjee to give some snacks to the children. I found her very friendly and she appreciated my gesture. She asked me to give my time to these special children. I agreed with her and I started coming to school. Now I have got so attached to the school that I eagerly wait for the three days that I come here to spend my time with the children. I wish more people would come forward and give their time to these special children.

SangitaVaswani, Volunteer Std. II

It was a wonderful experience for us as well as our kids. They enjoyed doing the activity! Hoping to meet again.

Representative, Aditya Birla World Academy, Tardeo

It has only been a year at this wonderful organization and the changes I see in Abdul are so many. He has started talking, has become more confident and academically too, he has shown interest and progress. The teachers and volunteers are full of passion and so dedicated. With a heavy heart, we are moving residence to Madhya Pradesh. But before we leave, a very big Thank You to Dr. Alur for creating and developing such a school …. It is a heaven for disabled students!

Mrs.Alifiya Kadir (mother of Abdul Kadir, Reception Class)