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Our centres in Colaba and Bandra focus on education for ALL students, with or without disability. Our centres stand out as unique models, where we demystify special education and encourage inclusion within our community of stakeholders: The local political community leaders, principals of mainstream Schools, people working in the field of disability and all others interested in creating an inclusive environment.


A new innovative team approach of care combined with professionalism was introduced and the first demonstration model showing how children with the complex condition of cerebral palsy could be treated in a holistic integrated manner under a special school setting rather than a hospital setting was setup. The therapy or the treatment department has always been an integral part of the services at ADAPT and it has been ADAPT's constant endeavour to provide the best services to its beneficiaries. The therapy department is further improvising to introduce new services and expand the scope of its existing services to include adult beneficiaries by setting up an Adult Therapy Unit. We will now be providing pediatric as well as adult therapy services. We will be expanding our services to include an array of new clinical services like Orthopaedic Rehabilitation, Ortho Rehab, Fitness and Sports Rehab, Speech and Dysphagia management, Neurological Rehabilitation and Geriatric Rehabilitation.


Mithu Alur Centre for Inclusive Studies (MACIS) Despite legislation governing disability and concerted efforts by NGOs, parents and people with disability themselves, there is still, today, a deep - rooted prejudice about disability, which needs to be addressed. Workshops and courses carried out by MACIS aim to root out such prejudices through sensitization of policy makers, influencers, teachers, special educators, corporates and others.


The ADAPT Rights Group (ARG) comprises of young activists with and without disability, who advocate for the rights of people with disabilities. The activities undertaken by the ARG include awareness and empowerment courses for people with and without disability, access audits for corporations to determine if their premise is disability friendly and advocating for disability friendly public places, public transportation and work spaces.


As a tribute to her spirit of service and commitment to society, Dr. Mithu Alur has dedicated this Community Centre to her sister, Mita Nundy. MNCC will not only boost senior citizens, adults with disability inclusive & parents of PWDs’ physical, emotional and mental well-being but also encourage and include adults with disability. We have been working in collaboration with consultant doctors and para professionals including counselors, therapists and instructors. There are various activities to suit the profile and interests of the participants: these include meditation and yoga, computer training guest lectures and social events.


ADAPT's Community Services are spread through various slums in the city of Mumbai. Our anganwadis (pre-school nurseries) provide care and support to families through direct contact. Thousands of households have been impacted by our indirect services and community awareness programmes.


Set up in 1989 the SDC is the vocational branch of ADAPT. It is an initiative in the area of employment for persons with disability, with a vision of empowering youth with disabilities with job skills, thereby supporting them in their quest for employment. From its inception SDC has aimed at assisting young adults with disability to equip themselves with the necessary job and social skills required to compete in the employment market. Trainees are educated in communication skills, functional literacy, work ethics and discipline. Support services in the form of assessments, vocational guidance, computer and soft skills, catering services, textile, tailoring, counseling, therapy, sponsorships and financial aid for training, referral services, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities are available at SDC. Work experience, placement in open or cooperative employment and post-placement follow up services are offered to all trainees.


ADAPT is creating an inclusive village model in Maharashtra under the aegis of The Mithu Alur Foundation. Through the Foundation, an inclusive village model will be created which has schools, hospitals, medical services, skills training modules for livelihood and women's empowerment programmes. These services in the rural and tribal community areas, are an extension of ADAPT's work today and will benefit from the organizations' rich experiences gained over 44 years.