Our Team

Varsha Hooja

Varsha Hooja, Trustee and CEO, trained as a special educator at ADAPT and has been with the organisation for nearly three decades. She also assists Dr. Alur in policy interventions at the national level. She has worked on the Unesco - Four Nation Research, SSI/Unicef Project, NRCI, Shiksha Sankalp Research. Presently she is working on “A Narrative Exploratory Study on inclusion of children with disability into regular mainstream schools‟.

Dr Shabnam Rangwala

Dr Shabnam Rangwala is Director Community Services and a Pediatric Occupational therapist with 25 years of experience in the field of pediatric therapy. She specialises in intervention for neonates and high risk infants. As part of Dr. Alur's team she has had fifteen years of experience in working in the field of Inclusive education and has worked extensively in the area of inclusion of children with developmental disabilities into mainstream schools. She has also worked in community settings and played an important role in redefining the role of the therapist in Inclusive Education.

Ms. Sangeeta Jagtiani

Ms. Sangeeta Jagtiani is the Coordinator of the Community Initiatives in Inclusion course conducted by ADAPT with support from Women’s Council, UK. She holds a post graduate degree in commerce and is also a qualified Special Educator by profession. She has been the Head of education/special educator at the organisation for past the 20 years working in areas of assessment of students with disabilities, planning and monitoring teaching strategies and interventions being applied at ADAPT. Ms. Jagtiani has also been a faculty member for all training courses conducted by the centre.

Mrs. Shobha Sachdev

Mrs. Shobha Sachdev, parent, special educator, and former Principal at ADAPT's Bandra Centre, is now the organisation's Resource Mobilisation Consultant. She also lectures on ADAPT's Training.

Mrs Gulab Sayyed

Mrs. Gulab Sayyed has been with ADAPT for the past eighteen years. She heads the Sultan Noorani Memorial Karuna Sadan project at Dharavi and is the senior site supervisor of ADAPT's Community Services.